TURBOTECH is a French start-up that develops on-board electric generation solutions for hybrid-electric aircraft.

Our solution consists of a very light and compact 55 kW turbo-generator in which a micro-turbine directly drives a high-speed generator. This device produces electricity from virtually any fuel source (biofuel, hydrogen, Jet-A1, diesel, gasoline, etc…). All the while, maintaining a very high-efficiency thanks to a heat exchanger that recovers -usually wasted- exhaust heat energy.
TURBOTECH also develops a small 100 hp Turboprop dedicated to light aircraft (135 hp for helicopters). It is equipped with the same heat exchanger as the turbo generator, for a fuel consumption equivalent to best-in-class piston engines while being much lighter, quieter, and more reliable.
electric generation, hybrid-electric aircraft, electricity,
Between €2.5 million-5 million
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