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The Bank of No
Business Description
Trouble saving or paying bills (yet still having coffees out)?
Lock your money away so you can't touch it until a designated date or target reached.
Lock for a day or up to 10 years
Money cannot be released under any circumstances whatsoever.

Money is released to a designated account of your choice.

E.g. Lock RENT of 250 every FRIDAY and release 1000 to LANDLORD iban on the 31st
What happens: 250 is taken from your bank account every week on the 2nd every month. Locked away until the 31st when 1,000 is released to the landlord

Save for RETIREMENT of 500 on 2nd of every month into S&P INDEX FUND for 10 years,
-> 500 euro will go into an account called retirement and invested in the S&P Index fund. The entire investment cannot be accessed until the 10 year period is reached.

Save for BROMPTON Bike with 30 every week until 1,000 reached OR I accept a merchant's offer
What happens: Put away 30 each week for a new bike that costs 1,000. Publish my saving amount anonymously so that merchants can bid with an offer prior to reaching the 1,000 goal.
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