The Adventures of Tzitzi-Poc

The Adventures of Tzitzi-Poc
Business Name:
The Adventures of Tzitzi-Poc
Business Description:
The Adventures of Tzitzi-Poc is an innovative and complex project that involves children, parents and teachers. The main focus is on theatre plays that use art and technology in order to create the perfect environment where children learn to identify emotions and manage them, while the second focus is on ancillary materials and workshops for them. These shows are created under psychological supervision along with the Romanian Association of Classic Psychodrama and the situations presented during the shows are inspired from reality, focusing on themes such as joy, how and why we learn, social responsibility, motivation, courage, respect and understanding of those around us. Also, we want to create a sensorial experience using lights, 3D animations, projections, since we believe this contributes to a friendly and fun environment.
Based in:
Art, Technology, 3D
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