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Teachlr.com is an on demand knowledge marketplace, where experts, institutions or consultants can sell or share their expertise through interactive courses and/or live classes.
Teachlr offers an end-to-end, student based learning solutions, Teachlr’s virtual classroom and course viewer are web browser ready. At the same time, these tools are scalable enough to meet the needs of universities, and major training organizations.
Teachlrs vision is to enable anyone to teach or learn at anytime and anyplace. Courses and classes are available in many subjects, ranging from language learning to test preparation to marketing or lifestyle. The site also allows any student to connect with a subject expert over video chat in a matter of minutes to resolve any kind of “need” this user may have.
Teachlr helps users by providing a platform where they are able to connect and learn from instructors worldwide, so that you can learn exactly what you need without losing any time.
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Venezuela – Spain
Knowledge Marketplace, Learning Solutions, EdTech
  • Teachlr.com
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