Tactful AI

Tactful AI
Tactful AI
Tactful offers a unified cognitive customer experience platform, that allows brands to engage, convert and retain your customers.

Tactful Unified Cognitive Customer Experience Platform (UCX) is next-generation customer experience technology, using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and omnichannel technology we help businesses boost customer retention by up to 60%, channel conversion by up to 250%, and productivity by up to 80%.

Tactful UCX helps businesses achieve this by delivering the following four technology pillars:
1- Omnichannel engagement technology, delivering a consistent experience across all touch-points that results in great customer satisfaction and retention
2- Central customer experience management system, boosting operational excellence, productivity, and visibility
3- End-to-end customer experience augmentation using multi-lingual AI and workflows automation, boosting productivity and customer satisfaction
4- Customer 360-view and business intelligence empowering continues improvement and uncovering new business opportunities

End-2-End Automation , Chatbot Engine , Omnichannel Live Chat , Ticketing and Requests , CRM System ,
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