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Swile (ex Lunchr)
Business Description
Swile is a simple, flexible and modern restaurant title card combined with an application entirely dedicated to team life.
Long Business Description

No more solo break, make way for team moments! Swile is first and foremost a restaurant title card like no other: no payment limit, accepted in the 220,000 establishments that take restaurant titles and a multitude of options to personalize it as needed.

Swile is also an application that goes far beyond the lunch break! Swile offers to simplify all the moments of team life thanks to its exclusive features: really 100% free prize pools (0 commissions, Swile excluded!), Reimbursements between ultra-fast colleagues, bill sharing, instant messaging, organization of events, and lunches at reduced prices.

Morning, noon and night, make way for team life with Swile.

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FinTech, Payment, Restaurant Tickets, Swile, Lunchr, Paris
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