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Business Description
We've built an app, togethAR, which uses branded multiplayer augmented reality games to help people connect in person at events.

Rather than stand in a corner on your own, or in a group with your mates, our games create a relaxed and neutral environment to help people make new meaningful connections.

Event attendees log in to our app, scan a marker and create teams with people around them. They have to talk and listen to each other in order to complete the AR puzzles, which makes the games excellent team builders as well as ice breakers.

Each game lasts 3-5 minutes and everyone you play with is added to a contact list within the app so you can contact them after the event and see which games you played togethAR.

For the brands sponsoring, by having a positive effect on a player's event experience we ensure your brand is the one they remember.
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AR, games, puzzles, team, app
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