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StormHub is a software company specialized in building and delivering high-end Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for different types of industries. Established in 2022, with three specialized branches, we want to offer a whole experience of building and delivering end-to-end digital experience to the market.
Long Business Description

StormHub Engine
Our cornerstone is StormHub Engine - the freshly forged set of modular components which are making foundation of any digital solution. User management, multitenancy, observability et cetera - everything you need to start running you solution, is part of the engine. Every project we build is based on this Engine which makes development and go-to the market in rapid speed. Also, all improvements and upgrades of the Engine are automatically delivered to all solutions build on top of it. That makes your solution to always have up to date features, security patches, but also cutting-edge technology changes.

StormHub Platform Experience
Engine is only a part of the whole landscape one solution needs. There is another part which we call StormHub Platform Experience. Since we are the ones developing the Engine, we know best how to run it on highly available, scalable and secure way. That's where Platform Experience came to life. With running solution on it, you give a whole platform responsibility to us, and you can fully focus on business aspects of your product. We will make sure your solution is always up and running.

StormHub Cloud
Built with the Engine, and running on our Experience Platform, StormHub Cloud is our SaaS offering with a whole set of applications for organizing your teams and workload while simultaneously building and providing documentation and support solution for your end users. At the same time, it's a perfect use case of capabilities of our Engine and Platform.

StormHub Agency
To wrap up our story, we provide all-round services of building SaaS (or any other kind) solutions for you. With more than 10 years of experience in building digital solutions we can help you on every step of your journey. So, if you have business idea, but you don't know how to handle technical part, reach us and let's make the future together.

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