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Stonepromoter is the world’s first Natural Stone Search Engine. It is a service that we have designed for the benefit of the Natural Stone industry. Users can search and find almost any type of Natural stone, Marble, Granite, Onyx, Travertine, Sandstone etc, easy fast and completely free. They can narrow down their results by using our powerful filters. They can search by size, Blocks, Slabs, or Tiles, by Material type or even by color. Then in just one click they can reach the supplier of a specific material and come to a deal in no time at all.

But what happens if they don’t find the stones they need?
In this case StoneAlert comes in action! The StoneAlert is a feature we have designed to make it even easier for the users to find what they look for. Customers create a request message describing what stones they are looking for, and their specifications for free. Then we forward this message to ALL our stone suppliers and they reply back with offers.

Stonepromoter is a communication channel between those related with the Natural Stone Industry!
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