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Steed Equine Monitoring Solutions
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Steed has developed the world's first autonomous biometric wearable device, that measures your horse's movements, temperature, pulse rate and parameters of the ambient environment. Real time alerts are sent to you, your veterinarian or caregiver via smart phone, SMS and email at the first signs of life threatening disorders such as colic, stall casting and foaling.
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Despite their size and power, horses are fragile animals that tend to die prematurely of undetected disorders, diseases and self-inflicted injuries even in the safety of their own stall. 10 to 11 percent of the equine population suffers from colic each year, which is the number one cause of death in adult horses and the primary reason for emergency medical intervention and that in most cases strikes in the middle of the night when the horse is left unattended. In the EU and U.S. alone there are 1.7 million cases of colic reported every year, of which 7 percent will face life threatening complications. The value of horses lost to colic in the U.S. is assessed at $70 million with the total cost to the industry is estimated at $144 million p.a. In the EU, the cost to the industry is estimated at €245 million.

Currently, there are no effective monitoring solutions on the market to protect the welfare of horses today. Horse owners and care givers are unable to monitor the wellness of their horse 24x7. Regular visits by the horse owner together with routine veterinary inspection is currently the only way to monitor horses today. While it is generally accepted that most equine disorders and diseases can be successfully treated if early veterinary intervention is sought, veterinarians (let alone owners) currently have no instrument to monitor sick or injured horses in real time.

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