Business Description
SPREAD is a SaaS solution to build your customer commitment program, from qualification to loyalty. It works in 3 steps :

MEET THEM : Marketing operations provides real meeting occasions. Brands can start forging close ties by connecting their targets, and create interactions with their visitors. SPREAD offers 50 customizable turnkey operations, from the simple sweepstake to voucher distribution, private sales, or even an advanced sponsorship program.

These campaigns are responsive, and fully integrable on multiple supports : website, social networks, mobile phone, e-mails, points of sale and even trade fairs.

KNOW THEM : Relying on these marketing operations, brands can finally get to know who really stands behind each customer, fan or visitor. What he likes, his brand love level, his detailed profile. SPREAD gathers the whole Facebook pages liked by every entrant, and analyses the data to generate relevant interest groups.

SPREAD's "Customer Family" reconciles social, commercial and behavioral informations inside a single profile. This database automatically enriches the brands' CRM. Using this accurate knowledge, brands know more about «where, when and how» to talk to their Customer Family.

ENGAGE THEM : Like in every human relationship, customers need attention to keep thinking of their favorite brands. SPREAD provides several ways to maintain a constant and appropriate contact with them. Thanks to the amount of information harvested before, brands will be able to have an individualized and personalized speech, and then build an efficient and automated commitment strategy.

With various active scenarios (on web pop-ups, emails or text messages), it becomes easy for brands to hit their targets with the right message, at the right time, and with the right marketing pressure.
Based in
Le Petit-Quevilly
SaaS, Customer Commitment, Loyalty Program

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