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Business Description
Software Development Conglomerate, Building Innovative Software Product and Launching to Market.
Long Business Description

Softdroom is the product owner of Versuspay, Picflock & Droomvac.

Versuspay is a Fintech solution focused on simplifying the payment experience of merchant and customers as well as building a better spending culture. Versuspay is gradually building it wave as the King of QR codes when it comes to simplified payment's.

Picflcok is building a unique experience to the remote work culture by making group pictures more fun and spectacular, Picflock replaces the common "let's take a zoom screenshot" as a group picture by providing a platform that makes group picture engaging and takes the decentralized - centric approach, that makes group picture look as if it was taken in the same office room.

Droomvac - while still in it very early stage, Droomvac is building and making remote vacation a reality. With Droomvac, remote and distributed teams can capture what the company describes to as a true virtual vacation.

Based in
London, England. United Kingdom.
Software Development Conglomerate, SAAS, Software as a Service, Softdroom
Total Funding
No funding announced yet
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