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Softbuilder is a software development company responsible for the development and maintenance of ERBuilder, a complete visual data modeling tool. Our product supports the most popular database management systems including Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and many more. ERBuilder Data Modeler is intended for use by software engineers, analysts, designers, architects, developers, and project managers.
Softbuilder today announced the latest release of its Salesforce metadata exploring tool, ERBuilder for Salesforce v2.0. This major release will provide significantly enhanced capabilities for extracting and exploring metadata from Salesforce organizations. This release is designed to help to ensure that Salesforce admins, analysts, and developers can more easily and quickly understand and make use of Salesforce ER Diagram.

Here are some valuable new features on ERBuilder for Salesforce:
A new data model browsing feature: The main purpose of the Data model browser feature is to allow a full exploration of the data structure extracted from Salesforce. The advanced search feature integrated to the data model browser provides more flexible search capabilities.
Generate automatically data dictionaries for your Salesforce org on different formats (HTML, CSV, XML, JSON, TXT, SQL, and MS-EXCEL).
Conversion from Salesforce to another target Database Management System by generating DDL scripts.
And more performance improvement.
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