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Increase autonomous and independent life time of the elderly by frailty prevention and personalized smart activity plans
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Ageing is one of the most important challenges in Europe which is testing our model of society at all levels: economic, family, employment, public resources,..

Current model of the elderly care is based on emergency management: if something happens, we will help them.

This model, in addition to being inefficient and unsustainable, solves the accident and facilitates health care support, but does not help individuals to recover their abilities. Nowadays, IT solutions (tele-care, geo-fences, fall detectors, etc.) are aimed for this service model.

If we want to face ageing challenge, we need to reduce emergencies, by preventing them and we need to help the elderly to maintain their autonomy and independence as much as possible.
Social&Care is specially designed for this purpose: Social&Care is the only solution for frailty prevention (pre-dependence state where symptoms can be mitigated) and helps the elderly to maintain their abilities or to recover them after an accident.
By using IoT sensors and wearables, Social&Care collects information about user's behavior and creates a personalized pattern:
- Automatically detecting any unusual situation (too much time in the bathroom, still in bed, no activity, falls, no come back home, etc.)
- Identifying any reduction in their physical capabilities
- Helping them to recover their previous physical abilities by following individualized activity plans.

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