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Business Description
Gene expression, gut microbiome, eating habits, lifestyle and medical status are personal identifiers that can be used as predictors for building precise nutritional plans

Our solution is going to empower peoples to participate more fully in their own care and make the lives of clinicians far better. The point that is essential is recognizing that each human being is unique and they have different nutritional needs.

We develop the world's first free prevention tool through digital health platform for nutrition assessment. Using a patent-pending algorithm based on standard/personal nutritional needs, eating pattern and other data users can determine the exact quantity of food and supplements to cover nutrient deficiencies.

For deep personalization, based on nutrigenetic, microbiome and screening tests user can have a PERSONALIZED PREVENTION or THERAPEUTIC NUTRITIONAL SOLUTION.
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nutrition, gene, microbiomes, nutritional plan, prevention, digital health, health tech,
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