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Business Description:
Skillogs is a pure player aspiring to become a leading actor on the Personal Learning Environment, Intelligent Training System, e-learning, and Tutoring market.
Enter the new era of training and education, from 6 to 99 years old!
No more chapter-based e-learning, and identical MOOCs for everyone: welcome to adaptive Learning.

Thanks to data analysis, ACARYA, our digital Artificial Intelligence platform, is able to distribute the curriculum differently for each learner. ACARYA emphasizes the support of the learner but also the on of the teacher. The learner will have at his / her disposal an arsenal of tools allowing him/her to identify the difficulties in order to be able to constitute homogeneous groups, optimize
time, give exercises according to the levels of each one. Each student’s progress will therefore be adapted.

When the learner has a question, ACARYA is able to analyze it, and to identify all relevant segments of the course, related to that question.
Whatever the curriculum, it is integrated into the e-learning platform, and the content is adapted to each student: mathematics, cooking, foreign languages, IT… Success is within everyone’s reach.
Based in:
Training System, e-learning, tutorial, education, Artificial Intelligence platform
Total Funding:
Between €500K-€ 1 million
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