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Sensefuel is a software publisher dedicated to the retail industry and in particular e-commerce. Its innovative e-commerce search engine is based on algorithms specifically designed for online sales. It helps e-merchants of all sizes to give their visitors a new search experience through personalized results. A
We have designed exclusive technology dedicated to the commerce industry for the sole purpose of optimizing the online sale of your products . Our one2one sales engine will facilitate the exploration and discoverability of your offer by also taking into account the expectations and preferences of each of your customers.

Research today has a preponderant place in the consumer's purchasing journey. Equipped with his mobile, he naturally wishes to interact by typing on the keyboard but also by speaking. More and more impatient he awaits instant answers to his requests. In view of these facts, your research must be as efficient as possible by quickly offering your customers products that meet their demands.

At Sensefuel, our goal is to provide you with a relevant search engine, serving your business performance.

By relying on understanding the meaning of each search and on real-time analysis of your customers' behavior , our technology will instantly offer them individualized results .
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