Seaborne Settlement Solution

Seaborne Settlement Solution
Business Name:
Seaborne Settlement Solution
Business Description:
Our ultimate goal is to enhance currently existing payment process in the maritime cargo industry by creating a software solution that would bring all participants of the maritime shipping industry together within one solid and secure ecosystem.
Long Business Description:

SeaborneSS is a platform for instant payments between participants in maritime cargo industry. The organization of the shipping process is complicated and involves several counterparties spreaded around the world. To settle shipment logistics company needs to put together an owner of ship, shipping team, ports and fueler. Thus, all prepayments needs to be made to get the service. Delays in the payment process might break the chain and lead to sufficient penalties and loss of clients.Payment process may be 2-10 days long. The complexity of the payment process is due to the number of bank accounts in different jurisdictions, including correspondent banks.Each bank has to complete a compliance procedure, which includes checking the ship travel history.Companies spend a lot of time and money for organization of payment and invoice audit processes. Seaborne Settlement Solution makes payments fast, easy and safe by digitalization compliance, invoice checking and puts all the parties of the payment process within one platform.

Based in:
fintech, electonic payment,logistic, maritime cargo
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