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Supply Chain Finance Optimization (SCFO) is a fintech startup offering a revolutionary solution for financial optimization, enabling the conversion of liabilities into additional profit and receivables into a better liquidity.
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Supply Chain Finance Optimization (SCFO) is a fintech offering a revolutionary solution for financial optimization, enabling the conversion of liabilities into additional profit and receivables into a better liquidity.

Thanks to our innovative SCFO Platform, you will take control of your finances - you'll get a return on investment without risk or improve your liquidity.

It is a solution that benefits both parties - both the Buyer and the Supplier in each supply chain.

The Buyers are able to generate additional profit from their cash and liabilities, improve the condition of their own supply chain and their financial ratios thanks to the innovative Payment Acceleration Program. We enable you to maximize profits, huge time savings and full flexibility thanks to the dynamic discount that every contractor in the supply chain can use. No other solution offers such opportunities.

We give suppliers the opportunity to strengthen and control financial liquidity thanks to earlier on-demand payments. SCFO also means cheaper financing of operations without additional fees, applications or contracts.

In addition, it is a solution that does not require any financial outlay on the part of the Buyers and Suppliers, changes in internal processes and system integration thanks to the innovative Cloud Platform.

With the introduction of regulatory technical standards in September 2019, which will open the way for Fintechs to fully benefit from the PSD2 Directive and open banking, the payment process between contractors will be fully automated.


Mateusz Obuchowski

Chief Originator and President of the SCFO Board. He is a graduate of Computer Science and Econometrics, spec. Big Data. Certified SAS Institue Data Analyst.
From the beginning associated with the financial sector. He directed his interest towards the capital market and investment practices on the stock exchange. The next natural step was the preparation for obtaining the CFA license and investment advisor, where after the first stage of the exam the idea of FinTech SCFO was born, introducing a solution for more efficient management of working capital in enterprises.
At SCFO he is responsible for business and financial matters

Robert Kozłowski

From the beginning of his professional life, he has been involved in information technology and data security. A graduate of the Military University of Technology - Faculty of Electronics, National Defense University - the Faculty of Computer Science and the Polish Academy of Sciences - Institute of Law.
He gained his managerial experience by performing the role of IT Director in the Ministry of Interior and Administration and the President of the Board of Centrum Elektronicznych Banków Informacji Publicznej.
During his professional career he was involved in a number of ICT systems implementations both in the design of software space and in the ICT infrastructure for the private sector and state central administration.
He participated in the implementation of IT activities within the largest IT systems created in public administration, including CEPIK, Central BIP Platform, ePUAP, SNW Norwegian Fund, ZPI Polish Film Institute, GIS Platform of Threats of the Municipal Police in Warsaw.
He ran his own business as a long-term auditor of IT projects security (2007- 2017) in public administration. Author of a number of projects dedicated to security policies of public entities and service sector companies. Project Manager (Prince2) and certified by the Polish Academy of Sciences Data Protection Supervisor (GDPR).
In SCFO he is the Vice-President of the Management Board and the Operations Director, responsible for the security of the solution and the functionality of the SCFO Platform. Supervises the effectiveness of technology selection, resource processing and implementation feasibility of the project at all its stages.

Zenon Strzępek
Przewodniczący Rady Nadzorczej

From the beginning of his professional career associated with foreign trade. Initially, as an Economic Attache at the Commercial Office of the Polish Embassy in Moscow, then as the department's director in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Commercial Attaché at the Commercial Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Belgrade. In later years, he held managerial functions in the Foreign Trade Office of the Stalowa Wola Steelworks as the director and president of the board in the Polish Defense Consortium. A long-term president of the board of the Polish Financial and Investment Association CENTRUM, where he was responsible for the optimization and supervision of financial processes.
A graduate of the Higher School of Social Sciences in the Economics of industry and industrial enterprises. He graduated from the UMCS in Rzeszów. In later years, he studied at post-graduate studies at the Academy of Foreign Trade.
At SCFO, he is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Board Adviser in the field of business contacts and negotiations as well as finance.

Maciej Lenard
Chief Technology & Marketing Officer

He studied Computer Science at the University of Valencia and the Warsaw University of Technology.
From an early age he had contact with the world of marketing, helping in the duties of a family-run advertising company. He gained additional professional experience in the consulting company Accenture.
He graduated from the Deep Learning and Machine Learning specialization at courses taught by Stanford University lecturers, gaining knowledge about artificial intelligence and data processing.
At SCFO he is responsible for process analysis of the solution and marketing.


Every day, suppliers across the country have billions of zlotys blocked in their receivables, they wait on average 75 days for payment, and have limited and ineffective financing options.

Meanwhile, enterprises maintain a record level of cash, which at historically low interest rates brings record low profits.

Almost 2 million enterprises are active in Poland, including those with extensive supply chains as well as certain financial surpluses (according to the Central Statistical Office data, the financial liquidity index is> 35%) - medium and large - about 16 thousand, respectively. and 3.5 thousand At the end of last year, according to the KNF data, there was a total of over PLN 280 billion on Polish companies deposits. It is a huge, constantly growing amount (over 22% in the last 3 years), which can be managed more effectively. 88% of medium and large enterprises are looking for new alternatives.

On the other hand, 30% of companies from the SME sector benefit from external financing. The most valuable for them is: 33.3% short waiting time for cash, 24% low cost, 23.3% little formalities.

The SCFO platform, which is an innovative and unique solution on the market, offers both parties what they need the most: the fast, easy and cheap access to cash on demand for Suppliers and Buyers enables above-average profit without risk from capital surplus and improving the condition of the chain supply.

Source: KRD, KNF, NBP, rp.pl


Buyers as the only option of investing their cash without risk have deposits or treasury bonds at a low rate. SCFO increases their profits enormously. From existing customer relationships, it appears that the effective annual rate of return for them varies from 5 to over 20%. We are convinced that none of the companies will pass by such an investment indifferently.

In turn, the suppliers, when financing themselves with factoring or loan, are exposed to the disadvantages of these products.
At the loan: huge bureaucracy - additional contracts and applications, limited access to finance only for companies with creditworthiness and good financial situation which excludes young companies.

For factoring: high cost - 3-4% of the invoice amount within 30 days, as well as necessity to verify and agree to the invoice of the contractor.

SCFO gets rid of these problems by offering an instant cash transfer thanks to the PSD2 directive, definitely lower cost than for factoring and credit - determined individually by the Buyers. SCFO is available to any supplier regardless of its history and financial situation, without unnecessary requests and additional contracts.


We have established cooperation with Pekao S.A. and we want to test our solution in the regulatory sandbox they offer. The use of the PSD2 Directive and the PISP and AISP services will allow us to revolutionize and automate settlements between enterprises, which, combined with our Cloud Platform and accelerated payments, will give an unimaginable improvement in the functioning of enterprises. All the time we strive and we want to build awareness among entrepreneurs regarding this new, innovative cash flow management option. In addition, the ability to access the account (thanks to AISP) will enable us to use more variables to create a model based on data mining analysis, which will facilitate the selection of suppliers and the level of discount offered and increase potentially profitable earnings.
Next year we intend, thanks to cooperation established with Putka Sp. z o.o. sp. k. in the ScaleUp program, to which we were invited by Grzegorz Putka himself to develop the functionality of the Platform and fit it even better to market needs.

In further plans, after stabilizing our market position, we want to open to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Even now we get questions from corporations about whether they can also offer our Platform to their foreign contractors. Implementation process of a foreign company, does not differ from the implementation of the Polish company, which allows foreign contractors of the Polish companies to be the recipients in our model.

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