RQST is building the first fully app-driven, social interactive music platform, to create unparalleled music experiences at home – around the world for people to stream, collaborate on, and experience music together.

We empower artists and gives them the ability to host live interactive music festivals, to interact and engage with their fans online, and most importantly make money!
Our vision is to build a new music platform capable of connecting millions of daily listeners to the music that plays in their favorite music environments around the world. Combining real-life events, interactive virtual live events, music streaming services, and online social features.

We have have an international team with founders and advisors from the US and UK. Our team includes music industry powerhouses such as Dave Ranyard, the executive producer behind the hit karaoke game “Singstar” from Sony, and music law mogul Cliff Fluet.
app-driven, music platform, interactive music festivals, powerhouses
Between €2.5 million-5 million
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