Business Description
We built a complete Virtual Control Tower, a powerful, truly end-to-end integrated & middleware platform for Global Trade to allow companies to measure, monitor, visualize, report and improve, in continuous, real time & predictive manner, their progress towards social, environmental and economic Sustainability and Net Zero
Long Business Description

ReLOG3P (https://relog3p.com) is a fast-growth Startup based in Italy offering innovative, new-to-market products and services that provide support for the Global Trade (freight Logistics, Supply Chains, Mobility and Transport industries, end-to-end, including last/first mile and Smart Cities) to contribute, among others, achieving the UN Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals as well as the EU objectives set by the Green Deal, Fit for 55% Package, Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, Digital Strategy.
ReLOG3P’s manifesto is the development of “Innovation 4 Good”, Responsible & Ethical, Values & Purpose-Based, Trustworthy, Democratic, Agnostic, Agile, Modular and Scalable, (cyber)Secure & Privacy principles, by default and by design, of the technologies typical of the 4th Industrial Revolution (AI, Data Science, Blockchain, quantum computing, etc.), naturally embracing The New European Bauhaus initiative, working to imagine and build together an enriching, sustainable and inclusive present and future that is, at the same time, functional and beautiful for our eyes, minds, and souls.

ReLOG3P, Reshaping LOGistics aiming for 3P: People, Planet, Prosperity.
ReLOG3P’s vision is that Sustainability is not exclusive to "CO2, Carbon Footprint" or a cost center that clashes with the profitability of companies. Rather, Sustainability must be approached holistically as a concrete rebalancing between social, environmental and economic interests and above all, People, Planet, Prosperity (3P).
ReLOG3P’s believes in:
• Innovation being a force for good in the world,
• Identifying and investing in dreamers who are turning sci-fi into sci-fact,
• Turning the impossible into the inevitable,
• Believing before others understand,
• Investing with purpose, to secure our life and environment, to supercharge productivity, to enable creativity and free expression, to reduce human suffering and advance human health,
• Investing in matter that matters,
• Do not put profit over principles,
• Supporting long-horizon science.

Enablers and Values
• 1st Pillar: technological innovations of the 4th Industrial Revolution (AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, IoT, 5G, Digital Twin, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, etc.), designed and implemented according to the paradigms of "Ethical , Responsible, Values and Purpose based Innovation" and on the basis of principles of "Security & Privacy by Design".
• 2nd Pillar: development and adoption of Standardization, Interoperability, Multimodality and Synchromodality.
• 3rd Pillar: profound cultural change in the Logistics Supply Chains, Mobility sector, putting at the hearth co-creation, collaboration, cooperation, co-implementation, transparency and openess.
• 4th Pillar: universal values such as Integrity and Respect, with a “Obligations before Rights” approach.

ReACT - ReAccompanying Chain Transformation
For the purpose of reaching the above-mentioned targets, we have built ReACT - ReAccompanying Chain Transformation (https://react.relog3p.com), which is presently the first and only SLaaS – Sustainable Logistics as a Service - a complete Virtual Control Tower for Global Trade allowing companies to measure, monitor, visualize, report and improve, in continuous, real time & predictive manner, their progress towards social, environmental and economic Sustainability by using a powerful, truly end-to-end integrated & middleware platform.
All within a SINGLE platform!
The main tool of ReACT is SRL® – SDG Readiness Level – which is defined as the ultimate, trademarked tool to, measure, monitor, visualize, report and improve, in continuous, real time & predictive manner, their progress towards social, environmental and economic Sustainability, specifically designed for, but not limited to, the Global Logistics, Supply Chains, Mobility and Transport industries.
SRL® consider Scope 1-2-3 environmental, social & economic Sustainability, transparency, track & trace along the entire chain and encompasses and aggregates over 50 different Sustainability measuring, monitoring and reporting standards, frameworks and tools available internationally into a unique, simple to use, easy to read tool, via its data science-based tools (not limited to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning), used in an Agnostic, Responsible and Ethic, Transparent, Trustworthy manner.
With SRL® Customer’s has a powerful data-based, scientific and objective tool to increase Compliance, Reputation, Awareness, Engagement and avoid greenwashing, frauds & counterfeiting claims on Sustainability.

The other and complementary Services of the ReACT Platform, which complement SRL® and allows the Customers building their Journey Towards Net Zero are:

ReACT Wiki-Logi
A dedicated Wikipedia about logistics, supply chain, innovation & sustainability, combining over 350 among the most renowned international sources which allows searching, locating, sharing of ideas, information, knowledge, policies, best practices, standards, events, allowing as well direct contribution by and direct collaboration among industry’s Stakeholders.
It includes a Marketplace to connect our Customers and allow them to collaborate on their business.

ReACT Academy
Aggregates and offer online 180+ learning solutions combining logistics & supply chain with innovation & sustainability: fight obsolescence and digital gap, increasing knowledge and value for people and businesses.
It includes a dedicated Learning Needs Analysis tool and a Marketplace to allow Professionals and Companies to meet around the new skills.

ReACT Processes & Multimodality
Real-time & predictive tracking & tracing, data & risk-based rerouting, modal shift (interoperability, intermodality, multimodality, sincromodality), digital products passports, reverse logistics, combined transport & loads consolidation, sharing of assets, fleets & management hubs, processes analysis & improvements and much more: several tools to improve efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, agility and reliability, predictability, flexibility, reducing costs, variability and waste.

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sustainability, innovation4good, logistics, supplychain, VirtualControlTower
Total Funding
Between €500K-€ 1 million
Company Status
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