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Nowadays, in the western world people often take home their stress from work. As a result, the levels of depression, anxiety and burn-out in a regular household are hitting all-time highs. With the 2020 worldwide Covid-19 lockdown these levels continue to set new records. Relaxify presents a psychology-based early intervention program that triggers self-driven cognitive activities which help improving the mind health and resolving the problems at their early stages.
The mobile app offers exercise and game programs that have been uniquely designed for this project based on a solid psychological foundation and are proven to improve the well-being and life quality of the person.
For our clients, who feel more like talking to a real person, we offer Relax Marketplace – our way to connect anybody looking for outside help, with a top-notch certified psychotherapist who will help them to get back to normal and advise them how to improve.
Relaxifyapp is the first product on the market that binds together science, technology and mental health and client-care on the mission to improve people’s daily life.
We are on a journey to digitalise the industry of psychology – one that is not yet there even in the 21st century. We want to be ready to prevent and resolve all consequences after the Covid-19 pandemic, and reduce their impact to the future generations.
Our founding team consists of 3 people, whose expertise mirrors the core values of our mission – synergy between Psychology and Technology designed in the right way.
RelaxifyApp was launched in the beginning of 2021 and already has 500+ users.
Let’s face the new Mental Health reality prepared. We can do it together!
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well-being, stress relif, anxiety, burn out
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