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recasta is a leading contributor to Infinimesh, working on "recasta cloud," an IoT and AI-focused data platform that enables data processing on the edge in order to train large AI models directly at the source to enable Industry 4.0 and smart cities without the hassle of data centralization. Recasta, which features an open API model, is working on a market place to allow digital agencies to build domain-specific services around the data regulation-safe cloud platform cecasta.cloud
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recasta.io enables data integration and collaboration

We are living in a changing world. Soon every company, every place, and even every person will produce a rapidly growing data lake in the blink of an eye. Today’s data economy uses a fragment of this data to create new machine learning algorithms and sell them back to society. Instead of empowering new IoT markets, encouraging everybody’s data ownership, stimulating the IoT ecosphere’s sovereignty, and democratizing IoT data, the IoT platforms of today reinforce the revenue circle for the problematic monopolies of today’s IT industry. For the infinitely meshed IoT of tomorrow, which offers participation on a wide scale including companies, public places, private sectors, and individuals, we need collaboration as a service delivered by an emancipating platform. offers this open, scalable, and ultra-secure platform with its three pillars: connect, manage, and build.

connect.recasta.cloud means simple connectivity of every device or smart edge on every network through MQTT, secured with TLS. We provide the highest encryption standards and no vendor lock-in. No agents or software are needed; use the open standards available. A frictionless REST API for only sending devices will follow soon!

control.recasta.io means 50 MB of IoT data stored in our cloud for the last 30 days, for free, forever. Combined with our powerful time series database, an open single device API, and the most modern zero-trust token system for data sharing, Sending and analyzing data was never so easy—just send your data as JSON, and we'll take care of everything else. And if the data needs to stay longer, just upgrade to the unlimited paid plan.

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collaborate.recasta.io offers full control over when, with whom, and which data is shared. Companies, communities, and individuals have the opportunity to create new business models based on sharing specific data for creating new machine learning datasets for predictive maintenance.

social data sets:
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Data auctions for crowdsourcing, crowd sharing, and generating datasets give third-party developers the chance to market their own dashboards or custom-made analysis tools. Giving companies the opportunity to combine different vertical IoT data with the highest data sovereignty standards (GDPR, CCPA) and create added value with new symbiotic data analytics. Our platform's paradigm of "connect, manage, and build" unlocks the infrastructure for a safe, reliable, secure, and collaborative IoT sphere.

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