pixoona is all about sharing moments: with and on images. By linking up the location and rich content like music, videos and products we enable the users to leave their stories at both virtual and actual places. pixoona is also very suitable for professional marketing and advertising. pixoona has a partner network of over 10.000 partner shops at it‘s disposition. Renowned customers such as „Kolibri“, „Euronics“ and „real“ are testing the beta publisher version already today.

pixoona, launched April 2012, is a redpeppix. GmbH & Co. KG brand. The company’s holding headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany and has about 40 employees to this day. For further information, please go to: www.pixoona.com, www.blog.pixoona.com, facebook.com/pixoona, Google+ and twitter.com/pixoona. pixoona. I’m here.
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