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Business Description
Otolo is the new global community to connect people passionate for hospitality, supporting our mission to disrupt the way hospitality people develop, connect and grow their careers with our scale-able premium mentoring services for individuals and organisations, plus our recruitment services and partner promotion opportunities.

Key points
- Live community product with 1200+ members & 100+ mentors
- 20+ leading hospitality partnerships with hotel chains & universities
- Expert team in place with 20+ hospitality, tech & start-up experience
- Innovate UK funding - over £260k invested in R&D and Government endorsement
- Access to 20+ large grant opportunities to support UK hospitality recovery

Long Business Description

Hospitality has had a rough ride over the last twelve months, and it’s not over yet. The industry that means so much to everyone has been left damaged and disconnected. Of the world’s 320m hospitality workers, more than 50% were furloughed or made redundant.

The industry’s long-term recovery relies on its people delivering amazing experiences, in hotels, events, dining and suppliers. But this requires passion, which comes from people who are engaged and exposed to fresh ideas. And hospitality operators are facing their toughest profitability challenge ever, and struggle to balance this with driving passion, productivity and engagement.

Otolo is bringing together the diverse hospitality community in a new online community platform, uniting people across the globe and championing our diversity, with tech-enabled mentoring; inspiring content and most of all connecting people who want to play a part in the industry’s sustainable recovery.

Otolo launched in January, and in 10 weeks reached 1000 members and over 100 industry mentors.

We use the power of this community to create amazing paid-for mentoring experiences and programmes for individuals and organisations. We already work with 5 of the 6 leading hotel chains across the globe, and 20 leading hospitality universities and add more ever week.

We can also power private communities for businesses, teams, alumni and students, encouraging further collaboration and Otolo host’s a new industry recruitment service where applicants receive real-time career mentoring.

We’re on a long-term mission to build the go-to global community for millions of hospitality workers, by giving everyone access to leaders and sparking new ideas so we can move forward and outsmart the challenges we face.

Based in
community, edtech, hospitality
Total Funding
Between €100K-€500K
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