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Meet Neo, your digital KI-assistant for business. Neo is an AI-assistant for business, powered by Neohelden's Enterprise Assistant Platform. Learn how to build custom use-cases and understand, how Neo works.
Our Neo Enterprise Assistant Platform contains all the components, that, when used together, enable you to (a) build and configure your assistant, and (b) actually use your AI-assistant at work. With this platform you can essentially build any use-case you can think of.
Long Business Description

Work is really complex due to the variety of software we use. If you look at software and machines today, you’ll realise that they work perfectly fine as long as they’re judged individually. However, if you think of each tool you use as an instrument, and would then listen to all the instruments play simultaneously, you’d hear gibberish – and that’s exactly what it feels like, if you work with a diverse set of software-systems and tools: Instead of focussing on meaningful work, you have to act as a director of your “software-orchestra”. So, managing a diverse set of software-systems and machines is a major challenge for employees: It’s increasingly difficult to get actual work done instead of reading inboxes and yet another manual. We don’t always know how to use ”the app that…“, but we also don’t want to bother a specialist to again pull our budget-data from SAP. That’s why we built a tool that answers our questions in an easy way: the digital assistant “Neo”.

Neo is an AI-based virtual assistant platform that integrates into your tool-set and immediately starts aggregating and summarising information from your tools. And voila, your calendar, to-do-lists and inboxes are in sync, meetings are being prepared and scheduled automatically, and the latest report is just a question away.

From a technical point of view, Neo is cross-platform and cross-device, which allows our customers to use Neo on their phones (Android and iOS) and also on their desktop-PCs (Windows and Mac OS). This also enables Neo to deliver and understand information in the right context, and to bridge the gap between smartphones and PCs (e.g. receiving a command on mobile phone to open an Excel-file on desktop).

With Neo, everybody can benefit from a personal assistant. Neo’s usability across devices is underpinned by using a conversational interface (a.k.a. “chatbots”), whereby content becomes the visual (or auditive) medium itself and interactions with Neo actually feel like real conversations you could have had with a human-assistant. With our workflow-automation-system, we can automate (and semi-automate) a lot of routine-tasks (such as creating new listings, editing listings, review-processes, expose-creation) and integrate into various b2b-systems (such as SAP, Oracle, onOffice). We have a natural language understanding and intent-recognition algorithm, that can also run on your own servers (so no connection to an external cloud is needed). We are able to integrate systems using 18 different programming languages.

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AI, future of work, Enterprise Assistant
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