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MyStreetBook is a artificial intelligence system that that hyper-personalizes the traveler experience by recommending and planning smart routes. MyStreetBook is the first recommender engine on the market creating smart personalized routes. It addresses both the users’ knowledge and emotion by means of a pioneering development that integrates artificial intelligence connecting the interests of citizens and visitors with cultural, gastronomic and tourism resources. MyStreetBook’s recommender makes the users’ interests coincide with the schedules, fares, transportation means or accessibility conditions; as part of an immersive experience through its app and web interfaces. It does plan the trip but above all, focus on the journey at destination, allowing the visitor on site improvisation, which was not possible until now.
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MyStreetBook delivers both app and web as end-user interfaces to create tailor-made trips just by knowing the user’s interests and destination, additionally the visitor can adjust the preferred transportation means, timing or expenditure. Our hyper-personalized recommender system will generate a smart itinerary with the best route adapted to opening hours, accessibility or rating of touristic places.
Our solution relevance lays on the innovative technology developed and goes beyond by focusing on the emotions of the traveller throughout the journey: helping planning the trip at home, accompanying during the visit, learning from him and being able to recommend according to his tastes and needs anytime, and finally suggesting future destinations matching his preferences. Ours is a close system that adapts to every traveller’s will to grow with them. Personalization is our goal.
MyStreetBook is a cross-platform that works in net of destinations, where users can go from one town to another needless to download different apps. In addition, it can be inserted in other travel systems such as control panel for road trip (car, bus…) or as airline amenity.
Along the journey MyStreetBook inspires the freedom and autonomy of the visitor by showing a diverse range of tourist resources, gastronomy, cultural agenda… that offers as much variety as possible to avoid concentration at commonly visited hot-spots. Moreover, our intelligent route generator system allows real-time improvisation, which is a unique feature in the market to date.
For a purpose, MyStreetBook supposes the digitization of all cultural variables, events, gastronomy, heritage, nature, etc. We allow local businesses to be digitized and sell online, we incorporate prefabricated routes and make them smart and connect with the cultural agenda. We can create audiovisual content, audio guide, virtual tours, augmented reality, etc.
Our solution is mainly a B2B model. Besides the users’ interfaces, we provide a data-driven tourism management platform for private and public entities operating on the tourism promotion and management at destination. We monitor the real interactions of travellers through the process of the journey, notably collecting data on site and creating segmented analytics, afterwards we accompany these entities across the strategies and actions implemented, even real-time.

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