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Business Description
With privacy a main concern for its designers, myorb.com has been built from the ground up to be a totally private system, protecting its user’s information rather
than exploiting it.
Built by a small independent team of developers myorb.com is a lightning fast
browser based, application that works across all devices and is the simplest way to
store, share and collaborate with all of your information. Myorb is probably the most advanced and fully featured web application in the market.

Offering the functionality to source, organise and privately share information of
almost any kind – individually or in groups – myorb.com unifies the digital world into one, easy to navigate place; essentially becoming a visually organisable online toolbox enabling you to work faster without the wasted mental energy needed to remember where you last left off.

Designed as a collaborative sharing service, myorb.com allows users to share content which is open and visual across a range of views, including our unique zooming scrolling canvas. Coupled with the ability to communicate via instant chat, email, notes and comments within the app, myorb.com is a potent productivity tool.

Without the need for a native app, myorb.com is compatible across all devices offering the same functionality on mobile, tablet or desktop browser. Using cloud servers this versatile web application takes the load off devices, offering responsive services, without consuming memory or battery life.
Based in
Guildford, United Kingdom
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