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MyJobNow is an application that matches job seekers and employers within 24 hours. Instead of endless interviews, bureaucracy, and long calls, users can now find the right job or the ideal candidate for their business fast and easy.
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With MyJobNow you can find a job near you within 24 hours! If you are looking for a job as a bartender, as a receptionist, as a waiter or even as a driver, you can find one here simply and fast:
•You can create your profile easily by selecting your skills and the industry that interests you.
•You can use filters to search the job you want.
•You can find jobs based on the location that suits you, adjusting each time the width of your radius.
•You can apply for a job offer with a swipe and receive a reply within 24 hours.
•You can chat directly with your employers and ask them whatever you want about the job.

Find the ideal candidate without complicated hiring procedures. Do you have a restaurant, a clothing store, a small business or are you looking for a secretary? With MyJobNow you can now find quickly and efficiently the person you need:
•You can create your company’s profile quickly.
•You can post job offers, whenever, wherever.
•You can find candidates that match your requirements directly.
•You can chat with candidates and you find the right one for the position.
•You can manage the recruitment and the whole hiring process easily and whenever you want, through the specially designed applicant tracking system.

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