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Aquaculture is the fastest-growing food business in the world. By the year 2030, 60% of global fish is expected to come out of aquaculture. Maintaining fish welfare is a constant challenge for all fish farming companies. Ideally, water quality and fish health have to be constantly monitored to trigger timely preventive and corrective actions to avoid any fish loss. While large fish farming companies possess the necessary tools and knowledge, small and medium farmers are in most cases not sufficiently educated and equipped. As a result, the corrective actions are often delayed and therefore ineffective, leading on average to more than 40% of fish stock decimation and even up to a catastrophic loss. For these small and medium-sized farmers, MonitorFish develops a plug-and-play, cloud-based, low-cost, intelligent fish welfare monitoring system. The product offers real-time analysis of critical water parameters in relation to fish behaviour to detect any abnormal development among the fishes and suggests recommended actions to the fish farmer. Thus, using MonitorFish technology reduces fish mortality while optimizing operational costs.
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aquaculture, food business, fish
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