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Deposits are core to any rental process, offering landlords a form of surety prior to a tenant moving into their property. They are often also the first financial transaction conducted between a landlord and a tenant. However;

1. The existing process is long, often taking up to a week;
2. The deposit process is usually taken offline, and remains manual;
3. Banks don’t open up their APIs and offer access to platforms;
4. Platforms cannot offer rental deposit solutions to landlords; and
5. When using platforms, landlords experience a broken process.

Platforms and landlords need a digital solution!

With an easy-to-integrate API (B2B customers, i.e. platforms) and a simple Platform (B2C customers, i.e. private landlords and small property managers), Rentseed offers a 100% digital deposit process. Rentseed does this by;

1. Simplifying the process so that it takes less than 5 minutes;
2. Bringing the deposit process fully online, eliminating all paperwork;
3. Offering platforms a complete API to integrate a deposit solution;
4. Providing platforms with bank-like deposit functionality; and
5. Allowing platforms to provide landlords with a seamless process.

Rentseed is the first API and Platform rental deposit solution in Germany. And that's just the start.
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