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Business Description
Shop locator with option to add and report/edit shops based on a certain number of reports.
We want to develop an app that brings together a community of users, who will find useful points of interest around their location. This app is directed towards all residents who know their neighborhood but still want to find a shop as close to them, and also to tourists who are looking for a shop.
Long Business Description

The idea for this Android application came from the need to quickly find a shop nearest to the user. He/she can also add his/her own shops and choose the appropriate characteristics (credit cards accepted, 24/7 open time, meal tickets -> only for Romania). The user is only allowed to add when the GPS accuracy is around 10 meters in order to avoid users not finding shops and wasting time.

The user is located by GPS, and he/she has the option to choose from different types of shops:
- small shops,
- supermarkets,
- farmers markets,
- gas stations,
- shopping centers,

Each shop shows information about it like if credit card payments are accepted or not, if it is open 24/7.
The user can report certain characteristics of the shop and can also navigate to it using Google Maps. On the server side there is logic that intelligently deletes reported shops from the map if reported by different users and/or changes the shop characteristics.

The user is not allowed to report the same shop multiple times and is restricted to add certain number of shops daily. By that we want to avoid spamming. Our focus in Magazoo is to have shops that are correctly tagged and accurately positioned on the map.

Right now, only for Romania we have 8418 different shops on the map:

- 4973 small shops
- 1647 supermarkets
- 1673 gas stations
- 106 farmers markets
- 19 shopping centers

We plan to add other points of interest (other types of shops - drug stores, tailors, etc.. based on user feedback).

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