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Business Description
LegaMart services is an online legal services ecosystem that helps applicants, including legal professionals and non-legal users, find and hire lawyers and subsidiary necessary services in foreign jurisdictions. The services covered are advisory, advocacy, translation and case review, and the primary areas of law covered are family law, corporate law, and immigration law.
LegaMart services is also supplemented by a LegaMart Community, an added on-site social networking feature made to make legal information accessible for all. This also consists of a private, lawyer only network.
Long Business Description

LegaMart is an online marketplace and community platform that aims to help applicants—primarily legal professionals who represent a business—find and hire lawyers and subsidiary necessary services in a foreign jurisdiction through LegaMart’s competitive selection process dependent on the applicant’s requirements.

The LegaMart platform pairs specific legal solutions to specific legal problems through the usage of algorithms and carefully designed user-experiences. As an innovative business, we truly make it easier for applicants to access affordable and qualitative legal services in any foreign jurisdiction and for legal service providers to access new clients globally.

The limitations to finding a trustworthy and coherent legal service provider in other countries and jurisdictions is at often times tiring and risky. This is due to many factors, such as:

· Lack of access to trustworthy, professional, and credible legal service providers
· Shortage of recommendations and referrals for legal services abroad
· Non-transparent costs and fees

LegaMart has maneuvered through all the difficult and tiring obstacles of the legal world. It is due to these very same issues that our founders decided to establish a platform on the guidelines of trust, transparency, fairness, competence, universality, and professionalism. LegaMart’s goal is to provide the most reliable and competitive legal marketplace for finding adequate and trustworthy legal service providers and fostering a network where working with service providers and applicants are headache-free.

At LegaMart, we attend to the needs of both applicants and legal service providers. We have firm guidelines in place and make a continuous effort to ensure that requested services on behalf of applicants and payment delivery to the service provider operates problem-free.

Based in
online marketplace, community, foreign jurisdictions
Total Funding
Between €500K-€ 1 million
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