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Business Description
LeaveWizard is an employee holiday planner and absence management system that helps organisations get in control of their leave management process by reducing stress, increasing visibility, streamlining approvals, and policing rules. The LeaveWizard team continues to work to expand the capabilities of the system and cover more areas to help you run your business more effectively and handle the mundane tasks so you can have more time to grow your business.
Long Business Description

LeaveWizard was established in Bournemouth, United Kingdom by Rich Allen and Plamen Balkanski and is constantly evolving and innovating in order to be the best annual leave planner. [1]
LeaveWizard was founded to close the gap between paper and spreadsheets and expensive HR packages to serve businesses who need a light touch employee management system and handle well the staff annual leave and absence tracking.
The world around us has evolved dramatically, thanks to technological advancement, but leave management tools in the large appear tube neglected. LeaveWizard was developed as an online employee leave planner that allows businesses to track and manage employee's holiday and absence at just the click of a button. [1]

LeaveWizard offers a solution to leave and absence tracking and employee management which can be both simple and able to handle complex scenarios. With LeaveWizard organisations can relax in the knowledge that complex calculations are in hand, rules and reminders keep the process ticking and employees are happier and more motivated which overall reduces stress and improves output. The value of LeaveWizard is obvious to all its customers and they have completely replaced Excel trackers and paper forms for a modern, effective solution. [4]
LeaveWizard’s team has a learning first approach to continue building a product loved by all customers and helping everyone on our planet lead a more sustainable life.
LeaveWizard has been fully bootstrapped with no financial help from external organisations. This has been important in providing the freedom to shape the company and its business practices. [1]

Leave management
LeaveWizard offers many advanced functions, out of the box, to help automate processes and reduce stress, and anxiety.
The leave management features include multiple event types, track in days and hours, two levels of approval, and carry overs to mention a few [1]
Absence management
If absence management is an issue for you LeaveWizard has got absence management covered with their absenteeism tracking features that allow one to set up sickness allowances, categorise sickness events, upload of sick notes, Bradford factor tracking, and simple absence reports. [1]
Overtime and TOIL
LeaveWizard offers a flexible overtime solution, integrated with the main system, and allows one to track overtime and convert to TOIL against any allowance.
It comes with separate approvals at up to two levels, tracking in days or hours and separate reporting. [5]
Employee management
LeaveWizard’s system has also evolved to manage employee information beyond leave management. Some of the features include individual allowances, automated entitlement calculation, extended employee information, family and emergency contacts, and more. [4]
Advanced features

LeaveWizard have developed a range of advanced features that can't be found in other online systems in the same class.
These include flexible work patterns, custom rules, and restrictions, time worked report, easy carry over-processing and more.

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