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Business Description:
Boost tourism by local guides in Latin America. Latin America is full of local guides offering great excursions but they are not able to reach out to the markets. We provide a platform where everyone can create and offer every kind of excursion. This allows them to reach bigger markets with extremely competitive prices.
Long Business Description:

Local guide usually provide excellent excursions as they are mainly focused in small amount of clients and high satisfaction. We provide a platform not only for local guides but also agencies and others to publish any kind of excursion.
Tourist can easily find the excursions by place, maps, type or other and buy online. We will ensure that the money is on hold until the tourist is satisfied with the excursion and release it to the guide.
This platform aims to cover all the type of excursion available from everyone.
Latitur will charge for this 10% +vat of the cost of the sold excursion.
Latitur will also give back to society by donating 25% of the NET earnings of the company to local voted charity societies voted by the toursist.

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Tourism, Platform, Travel
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