Business Name:
Business Description:
Klasor is an app and online platform that connects users with brands, allowing them to easily reach their end user and creating a bond between them.
Firstly, the app engages with users by delivering free photos , with free delivery, recognizing the interests of the user, and sets which add will be printed on the back of the photo. Alongside the add, each photo will have a QR code on the back, which once scanned, the entire content of the add will show up in the app.
Secondly, the app uses GPS proximity to offer users the best deals on the course of their daily route, in the moment when they enter the proximity points chosen by the companies on the map.
Basically Klasor is a free B2C service which is monetized through B2B with a business model that projects through it’s users an impact and a long durability.
Klasor offers companies the necessary tools for as much as a specific targeting. The app transposes and unites the online environment with the physical one, the physical part benefiting from the digital targeting power.
Based in:
B2C, big data, scalable, machine learning, gps, targeting
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