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A social-driven platform on mission to empower people with foreign roots by giving them access to authentic cultural experiences & products, anytime they need a taste of home or want to discover the culture of their ancestors
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What is the problem?
Whether you or your family arrived 100 days or 100 years ago to a new country, maintaining connection with your roots is meaningful. Maybe you want to prepare recipes from your home country and therefore you are looking for some unique ingredients. Or you want to maintain your mother tongue fluency for your kids and you are looking for a language teacher, bookstore or cultural center. As a person, locally born to a family that moved from abroad, maybe you are already keeping some foreign traditions but you're interested in discovering more about your roots.
Many businesses (restaurants, stores, etc.), cultural associations and service providers have culturally oriented offerings but there is no defined place for them to reach their audience efficiently.
KITnDO is proposing to all these stakeholders to save their time and money, by connecting them on a dedicated platform.

What is the market size?
According the UN, 232 million people reside outside their country of origin, which is equivalent to the third largest economy in the World. Every 4 seconds a new expat is moving abroad.
People are increasingly looking to discover their heritage: the global DNA testing market is anticipated to reach 10 billion USD by 2022 and cultural heritage tourism was listed as one of the fastest growing specialty markets in this industry.
With an increase of international travel, immigration and globalized trade worldwide, the interest and attention of ethnic/cultural products and services has risen. The Global Ethnic Foods Market was valued at 36,5 billion USD in 2018, and it is projected to register an annual growth of 11.80% (2019-2024).

What is KITnDO about?
KITnDO is a web app, accessible directly in your browser. To start, pick a country of origin and indicate your geolocation to display curated content corresponding to this criteria. Our first feature "Places" offers an interactive map featuring restaurants, shops, cultural institutions, schools, service providers, and more, sourced for the specific culture.
Unlike Facebook groups, where the information is unorganized, clustered by one country of origin and shared in native languages, KITnDO pulls everything into an easily digestible directory. Plus, you can simply change the country of origin anytime you want.

What about our business model?
As a free tool, KITnDO will be able to sustain thanks to different streams of revenue that we will implement down in order as platform grows and develops. We have already launched an online store with products sourced from different countries, chosen to be authentic for specific cultures. They may be produced from traditional materials or follow traditional methods ; highlighting folk motives or other typical symbols of the country, like landmarks or personalities.
In order to reach a stage where the platform will be self-sufficient, we are looking for an angel investor or seed VC investment.

Based in
cultural diversity, communities, market place, international living
Total Funding
Between €1-€100K
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