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KeyNest is a network of locations all over London where Airbnb guests are welcomed and handed the keys to their flats. Hosts can track every movement of their keys online and generate new collection codes for their guests, cleaner, etc..
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KeyNest is key exchange service for Airbnb or any other short term rental platform. We partner with local stores, usually not more than 10mins walk from the property, where hosts can securely store they keys so that guest can come and collect them anytime. With a large number of 24/7 locations, hosts don’t have to worry about key handling anymore. Even if they’re late, in advance, arrive at 2am, guests can just collect their keys in a local shop. It makes it easier for everyone: guest don’t have to rush, hosts can have normal days without waiting for their guest, the shopkeeper gets new customers as gusts come in their shops.

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rental, keys, tracking
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