iYouth Lab

iYouth Lab
Business Name:
iYouth Lab
Business Description:
A global platform that will connect university students, alumni, professors, universities and research centres in research projects through IOT integration.

iYouth Lab is an educational integrated architecture that aims to combine a consumer internet and a cloud platform (iYouth Cloud). The first arm of our vision is to connect globally university students, professors, universities and R&D centers, in research projects, under the umbrella of a social medium. The second and most sophisticated arm of iYouth Lab is to enhance such collaborations and facilitate their operation by integrating a wide range of devices (like smartboards, 3D printers,supercomputers etc) with shared cloud data (IOT). iYouth Lab users will be able to create a profile, find users with similar academic interests, observe research trends worldwide and be up to date concerning research centers’ dynamics. On a second level iYouth Cloud will facilitate these users, share and combine data in real-time research projects, through IOT technology based hardware and software, according to the needs of their research.

Innovation as a culture is the core of academia. Our solution aims to facilitate innovation and global collaborations, in order to move faster towards the future. IOT is innovation adding another dimension to the things as we knew them up to now. If we manage to integrate IOT to iYouth Lab/Cloud then we will be able give a powerful tool to academia worldwide, in order to work miracles and breakthroughs in cooperation with R&Ds. Now knowledge formed inside classrooms could spread faster and easier, robotic arms designed in a lab in India could get printed and tested at an R&D department of a company in the United States with a single click and global university research trends could show to R&Ds where innovation is heading. Most importantly our solution would create a rich environment with students in its core, an environment to inspire and motivate them.
Based in:
Athens, Greece
platform, university, academia
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