IRYS (I Rent You Share)

IRYS (I Rent You Share)
Business Name:
IRYS (I Rent You Share)
Business Description:
Peer-to-peer car sharing.
Long Business Description:

IRYS (I Rent You Share) is on a mission to disrupt the way people rent cars.
The aim is to solve the problem for tourists, who can book a full insured car from home or on-the-go, whenever they want, in total transparency and security, eliminating time wasted and extra costs, by skipping the car rental counters.
IRYS helps car owners by renting their car, not only to increase their earnings, but also to live a social experience meeting new people.
Finally IRYS helps our planet become greener, with less cars, less parking, and more happiness.

Based in:
P2P, car sharing, mobility
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