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Business Description
Innoscentia develop sensor based analogue and digital indicators of real time food status to prolong shelf and consumption time, thereby reducing waste costs and food waste. Our sensors come in forms of labels possible to attach to the package and can show the level of freshness either visually directly on the label or through a digital system in your smartphone or a larger system if you are eg a retailer.
Long Business Description

Currently about 19% of all meat produced is wasted before reaching the consumer and the negative environmental impact of this wasted part represents more than 1,5 times the emissions from the aviation industry. About 10% of the total waste in the meat industry can be derived from confusion or poor use of best before dates resulting in waste to a value of 20 billion USD annually on a global scale. Innoscentia develops smart sensors labels to help solve this.

The basis of the sensors is an ink with the ability to measure gas concentration within a food package. The gas concentration has a direct correlation with the bacterial growth and can therefore provide an indication of the freshness of the product.

The labels aim to prolong the shelf life of meat products and activate the full consumption period resulting in less waste. A prolonged shelf life of only 2 days could reduce retail waste with up to 50% and household waste with up to 60% which would result in massive benefits.

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food tech, food waste, cleantech, innovation
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