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Business Description
Louise is the co-pilot of marketing. A AI driven platform, that saves marketeer frustrated hours of finding the latest materiale with the obvious file name 'campaign.finish.FINAL.FINAL.V2.pdf'.
A SaaS solution, that gives the marketeer control over their different versions of materiale, make the creative process effortless and in a retrospective perspective, across channels, gives access to statistics compared with the actual advertisement.
We call it an assembly line for omnichannel marketing, because 'Hey' it should be easier to be creative and to work across silos.

Long Business Description

Marketing is in the midst of another digital era: With hundreds of channels, services and endless communication opportunities, the daily hunt for customers and dialogue has been pushed into a hectic silo-divided everyday life. Where internal departments are working with their own focus on content and objectives, knowledge sharing across other departments will only take place at meetings or on special occasions.
Pressure on marketing departments is increasing, inevitably causing stress, frustration and wastage of resources. An increased pressure that calls for a digital transformation and a new work structure.

Today, more than half of marketing executives work to decentralize their efforts to meet a digital transformation and achieve the company's growth goals. A trend that will mean more uncoordinated efforts and new types of employment going forward. Therefore, between marketing operators and analysts, agile coaches and MarTech managers are hired into the marketing departments. Brand new features in an otherwise traditional marketing team that will help strengthen and manage the agile and digital efforts of the future.

To guide the new approach in marketing, HeyLouise will develop a solution that supports the marketing department in a digital hectic everyday life. Elevate the high demands of individual campaigns and provide insight across channels. We develop a marketing hub that is inspired by an agile development process taken from the daily life of the programmer and the agile project manager. GitHub is an indispensable tool for managing processes and versions.

creation By using artificial intelligence and data, we will eliminate some of the stresses that daily weigh marketing and create inefficient processes. Specifically, we want to:
Minimize time to recover materials - new and old
Minimize uncoordinated feedback and versions of materials
Optimize collaboration in marketing and across teams to support the digital transformation
Optimize on creativity and channel utilization
Optimize on material recycling and resources

History and status

10 years of experience in marketing with campaigns, service, communication has created the idea. Mistakes occur daily during a hectic everyday life, where collaboration with many stakeholders stresses and confuses. Today, the problem has only worsened. 68% of marketing people still lack that overview. 80% struggle with cross-sector collaboration and over $ 115 billion is spent each year on systems that often share the team.

was impossible to obtain from graphic designers and contributors. Not because they didn't want to, but because it was difficult and time-consuming to find the right version when the files were named “final.final.v.2.2016.FIANAL” in the last minutes.

The project originates from an everyday problem in every marketing department. Every day, marketing department employees struggle to keep up with developments. To launch campaigns and to keep up with customers. Service, communication and presence are essential for a company that needs to market itself well. Often, the division of labor is divided between departments, systems and freelancers, which makes coordination demanding and difficult. And because it is difficult in a busy day to get the threads together, you work in silos to secure yourself and your own team.
With HeyLouise we will change that.

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