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Business Description
The project is based on human values and uses a mobile app that connects the people who need help (from simple help to life-threatening situations) with local community Heroes - members of the organizations and individuals.
Heroes Nearby is looking to create a community (safety net) based on compassion, empathy, humanity and willingness to help.

For cities and communities, helps make streets a safer place, prevents violence, promotes action, compassion, nonviolence and reconnects the local communities.
In addition to being an excellent practical tool for help in all life situations, the Heroes Nearby initiative has educational value in the sense of promoting human values and humanity.
Long Business Description

Heroes Nearby is trying to solve and fulfill one of our basic human needs – to feel secure and to have a sense that you are not alone in situations where you require help.
There are many safety challenges at personal and family level (kids and family safety, injuries, elderly problems, chronic patients issues, violent incidents, all sorts of threats, family violence, bullying, car accidents and so on) as well as at the city and local community level (natural disasters, terrorism..) where more people are affected at the same time.
The idea of the project is to create a heart-driven safety net for local communities around the globe.
The goal of Heroes Nearby project is to, with a little help from technology, turn potentially negative experiences into inspiring stories that help to restore faith in humanity.

To accomplish this we have created a mobile app that connects the people who need help with local community Heroes.
For people in distress or emergency situations, the Heroes Nearby App provides a chance to get help more quickly, keep safe, and be protected by and connected with family members and friends. In addition, our app allows goodhearted, brave people to become real-life Heroes, sharing their skills and helping their fellow citizens and loved ones in distressing situations.

Heroes Nearby aims to inspire people to respond to and care for each other, to give hope and recall the importance of the universal human values of compassion, selflessness and courage. Everyone can be a hero to everyone.
We see Heroes Nearby as part of the smart city solution for citizen safety.

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