HEITS Digital

HEITS Digital
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HEITS Digital
Business Description:
HEITS is able to develop AI strategies through their own Data science journey – a customer-centric data science project methodology that identifies challenges for businesses and helps them implement their own AI roadmap.This method delivers high-performance models for large data science projects across a variety of business industries, including retail, eHealth, customer relationship management and agricultural technology.

HEITS also delivers a wide range of AI solutions for the above-mentioned industries. They help companies decrease churn rate and gain insights on consumer behavior and needs. They track down fraudulent transactions and limit their effect on the client’s revenue. They improve medical imaging diagnosis or treatment suggestions.

To complete the digital space, the company also provides UX, mobile, full stack, Ops and QA services.
Based in:
Consulting, Information Technology, Internet, Software
Total Funding:
No funding announced yet
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