Business Description
We design and develop the unique industrial IoT products and applications for data collection, data processing, and real-time data analysis that allow you to remotely monitor, control and manage devices even in the places where it has not been possible due to improper technology or undesirable costs, utilizing the latest technology, wireless communication, cloud services, intelligent applications and advanced analytics.
Long Business Description

• Connectivity: Platform-as-a- Service (PaaS) that offer coverage capabilities and solutions for connecting the IoT device, managing and orchestrating connectivity for connected IoT devices.
• Device management: PaaS that handle tasks to ensure connected devices are deployed, configured and kept up-to-date with regular firmware/software updates.
• Cloud services: PaaS - scalable enterprise-grade backend for data management of IoT applications and services.
• Application enablement: PaaS that offers solutions enabling developers rapidly create, test and deploy an IoT application or service.
• Advanced analytics: PaaS that offers solutions for sophisticated analytics tools including machine learning techniques and streaming analytics capabilities to extract actionable insights from IoT data.
• Edge computing: Flover.io is optimized to be embedded into a broad range of IoT gateways

The modular datalogger FloverMote is designed to connect any sensors and sends raw data to the data centre. With a wireless communication interfaces, durable industrial design and autonomous power supply of the solar panel, FloverMote provides simple and quick installation anywhere in the interior and exterior without the need for a conventional power supply.

FloverGate is a programmable IoT gateway designed to connect any type of data source, including wireless sources, applications or control systems for continuous data collection and data processing.

FloverEdge processes and analyzes data, using AI analytical software tools, at the edge of the network and sends only useful information to the data centre.

Flover.CM - Central Monitoring
Flover.EM - Energy Management
Flover.QE - Quality Environment
Flover.ST - Static Transport
Flover.DT - Dynamic Transport
Flover.AT - Asset Tracking

Based in
Vranov nad Toplou
Industrial IoT
Total Funding
Between €100K-€500K
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