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Business Description
Graypes is the only SaaS that using algorithms, rates business ideas and uncovers potential investments. This way Graypes drastically reduces the time and cost of business evaluation and funding.
Long Business Description

Graypes main services:
 [1]. Rating of business ideas using proprietary AI toolset.
 [2]. Identification of the Needs of Ideas and Teams, using proprietary Quantitative Methodology.
 [3]. Connection of top Ideas and Teams with Investors and Experts into an Open Network.
 [4]. Funding for top-rated Ideas and Teams in less than 3 months!

Value Proposition
 [1]. Reduces more than 20 times the cost and time of business idea evaluation.
 [2]. Reduces more than 10 times the fundraising time and cost.
 [3]. Envisions the creation of the biggest network of Innovators, Investors, and Experts.

Graypes addresses the global innovation community users, partitioned to:
 [1]. Innovators.
 [2]. Entrepreneurs.
 [3]. Researchers.
 [4]. Investors.
 [5]. Experts, Consultants.

Based in
Innovators, Investors, Fundraising, Elevator Pitch, Business Development
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