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Business Description
The start-up Fusion Bionic develops and distributes systems for producing biomimetic surfaces using a unique high-speed laser technology. The solutions offered are up to 100 times faster than established processes, paving the way for high-performance surfaces with self-cleaning properties, reduced friction, improved contacting and more.
Long Business Description

Fusion Bionic is a solution provider for laser-generated functional surfaces.

Born as a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS, Fusion Bionic is transferring bio-inspired principles such as the Lotus leaf or the Moth eye effect to technical surfaces by a high-speed laser process. The application of biomimetic functions can lead to a significant increase of the individual surface performance to enable the next generation of products.

The solutions offered by Fusion Bionic are based on the high-speed laser technology Direct Laser Interference Patterning (DLIP) which is up to 100 times faster than established processes. The high-speed functionalisation using DLIP pave the way for high-performance surfaces with self-cleaning properties, reduced friction in tribological systems, improved contacting of connectors, enhanced biocompatibility of implants and more.

Fusion Bionic covers the full value chain in laser-based surface functionalization, as follows:
- System solutions as production hardware using Direct Laser Interference Patterning
- Consulting on biomimetic surface functionalization
- Application development for advanced surface functions
- Engineering service for process machinery
- Integration, Service, Support & Training
- Manufacturing services for functionalized products

Fusion Bionic – We evolutionize surfaces!

Based in
biomimetic, manufacturing, lasertexturing, surface functionalization
Total Funding
Between €1 million-€ 2.5 million
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