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FloorNap is a web service that unites any kind of accommodation whose price does not exceed the limit of 15 euros per night for one person, covering safety and hygienic aspects with easy availability. FloorNap allows the traveler to book affordable accommodation in a way that is fast and simple. The plan is to embrace the “floor sleeping culture” (in sleeping bags) and enable more affordable accommodation with a better location. We are guided by the principle of “seeing and experiencing more for as little money as possible” which rules the young travel community.
Long Business Description

Throughout the recent years, the lodging business has been in full swing.
As a result, tourist agencies are becoming less and less desired. Most of the
popular online platforms have situated themselves well, and lately no new
innovation has been presented. This is our chance to offer something new to
the market. FloorNap is a web application which enables the finding of
low-budget accommodation in a quick and easy way. The idea is to provide the
simplest method of accommodation yet, the extreme case being to sleep in a
sleeping bag. Our vision is to create a large community of low-budget travelers
and to promote the “Just sleep” concept/idea of traveling. To see and travel
more with as few expenses possible.

Many young people have the need to travel somewhere with their friends
and when trying to fulfill that need, the budget is often the limiting factor.
The organization of a trip with friends is often done at the last minute, and
the price to stay at a better location is high. However, if we could encourage
the culture of “sleeping on the floor” (in sleeping bags), it would free up a lot
of room to stay at some simpler places within such a location. We wouldn’t
limit the types of accommodation, but the prices. We want to encourage the
travelers to be mobile in a way that they wouldn’t stay in such a location for
too long, but to change multiple places and discover more. On the other
hand, it will enable renters to gain more often returns in smaller sums. We
expect from the accommodations to satisfy the minimum hygiene requirements like a clean floor and a toilet.

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