Femilog Holding

Femilog Holding
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Femilog Holding
Business Description:
Forbes has estimated the area of female technology to be worth 50 billion USD by 2025.
But the irony is that women’s midlife journeys has been completely overlooked digitally. There are very few digital solutions for women in menopause. Menopause is a huge taboo around the world.
Femilog has taken the step forward and created an app which is the World’s first AI Menopause Health Tracker to support women in their menopause journeys.
Femilog’s website has been rated as one of the World’s Best Websites on menopause. We bring real life stories from women who openly talks about menopause and interview experts on the subjects.
Together we can break the taboo on menopause. Femilog was released on International Women’s Day, March 8th 2021, in 26 languages on App Store and Google Play.
Women inventing digital solutions – Yes we can!
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Female technology, digital solutions, health, AI, app
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No funding announced yet
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