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Founded in 2012, FeedbackFruits co-creates pedagogical tools that drive student engagement and collaboration with leading higher education institutions. Our goal is to make courses more interactive and socially engaging, supporting teachers and students in getting the best learning experience before, during and after each class.
Long Business Description

FeedbackFruits was born at TU Delft, the Netherlands, out of a desire to stimulate interaction between students and teachers. The lecture hall was a one-way delivery system of information, offering little opportunity for students to engage. As dedicated (former) students, PhDs, and teachers, we observed the lack of interaction as a major obstacle standing in the way of universities fulfilling their crucial societal role of transforming their students into informed, critical citizens.

Making every course engaging is central to our mission. We are continuously co-creating pedagogical tools that integrate to most learning managements systems with the Edtech Dotank community, a collaboration between FeedbackFruits and higher education institutions from Europe, US and Australia. We shape our tools with the input of teachers and instructional designers to help them build engaging learning activities that spark students’ critical thinking in the best way possible.

FeedbackFruits tools are designed with the power of active learning that emphasizes a learner-centric, interactive learning experience. From Peer Review to Interactive Presentation, we provide synchronous and asynchronous learning solutions that help teachers make their study materials in various formats (video/document/audio/presentation) more engaging, facilitate peer learning through feedback and discussions, and assess student learning.

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